«Kultur am Bodensee»
Ambivalenz als Inspiration –
Die Künstlerin Annetta Grisard
März / April 2011

«Fire Sites – Annetta Grisard»
Exhibition catalogue 2011

Dr. Ulf Küster, curator of the Fondation Beyeler
On the occasion of her exhibition «Focusing on the Unfocused» in the Licht Feld Gallery, 2021

Dr. Ulf Küster, curator of the Fondation Beyeler
«On the occasion of her exhibition Fire Sites in the Kunst Raum Riehen in 2011» Annetta Grisard's latest works explore the fascination exerted by the element of fire, highlighting both its negative, destructive aspects and the positive energy (in the widest sense of the term) that it signifies…

Kiki Seiler-Michalitsi, art historian / curator
«Burning Images – Abstraction and Visual Perception» After the 1990s, with their focus on photography and later on video art and network art, and the 2000s, which saw a trend towards figurative painting despite a simultaneous pluralism of styles, there is now a renewed tendency towards abstraction...

Press (selection)

«Wie Annetta Grisard das Feuer packte»
von Raphael Suter
Basler Zeitung, 15.10.2011

«Feurige Horrortrips» von Nikolaus Cybinski
Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, 04.10.2011

«Fire Sites – Feuer in all seinen Facetten»
von Rolf Spriessler-Brander
Riehener Zeitung, 30.09.2011

«Ein ebenso zerstörerisches
wie faszinierendes Element» von Roswitha Frey
Badische Zeitung, 07.10.2011

«Warme Glut, explodierende Gewalt»
von Gabriele Hauger
Oberbadische Zeitung, 05.10.2011

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